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Taking A Confident Step Toward Independence

Brad Gonzalez loves to fish and spend time with family and friends. These interests worked out great in the past for Brad and his father, Tim Sullivan, who owns and operates a fishing boat.


“Brad has always been pretty self-confident and outgoing,” remarks Sullivan. “His work ethic on the boat was pretty good, but because he worked with me, he was never really challenged the way he would be if employed in the community,” he continued. “The crew really liked him, but it was more of a game than a true job.”


Because having a job was important to Brad and his family, Great Bay Services and Maine Vocational Rehabilitation provided assistance in finding an ideal fit.


The team first set about assessing Brad’s interests and helping him develop and refine his skills at a variety of tasks. Based on Brad’s performance, a Career Specialist was assigned to provide Brad with work supports and guide him through any challenges he might encounter on the job.


The job identified for Brad has him working part-time at the Air National Guard Station in Portsmouth as part of a team from CW Resources, Inc.


“We communicate with Great Bay Services at least once a week about Brad’s progress,” states Jessica Acosta, Project Coordinator at CW Resources, Inc.


“They do an excellent job facilitating all the necessary supports to help Brad succeed as an employee. Our contractor is very happy. So much so, they renewed their contract,” added Acosta.

“I learned about hard work and being dependable on the boat,” says Brad about his time with his father. Ongoing training through Great Bay Services allows him to grow new skills and attributes he can bring to his job, so he can continue to be an asset at work.

“I spoke with a couple of the people who work with Brad at a recent event, and they were all impressed with how he was performing and his general demeanor,” states a proud Sullivan.

Everyone has noticed an increased sense of pride and responsibility exhibited by Brad, now that he’s working on his own.


He’s established new relationships with his colleagues at work. “He interacts with everyone there, and has made friends on his own,” says Sullivan. It’s clear the work has had a huge impact on Brad’s life, providing him with a big step toward his future independence.


“I can’t thank Great Bay Services enough for being such a huge help in providing the resources and opportunity to place Brad in this position,” declares Sullivan. “You just can’t measure how important this is to him, and to us.”